I believe that the 5 AM Club can help with changing the way we live in our modern culture. Robin Sharma recommends a 20-20-20.

I also recommend waking up at 5AM, but an alternative to Robin Sharma’s schedule is below:

  • 5AM: Wake up
  • 5-7AM: Get work done (work that you do for yourself to forward your career)
  • 7-8AM: Get ready for work
  • 8AM – 6PM: Work
  • 6PM-8:00PM: wind down, cook, eat healthy plant-forward meal, exercise
  • 8:00PM-9:00PM: wind down, get ready for bed. Turn off all social media, TV, phones, or any bluelight emitting devices. Read an educational or self-development book.
  • 9:00PM: Lights out, go to sleep. Turn on a night time meditation if you have trouble sleeping

The goal is to get 8 hours of effective sleep so you can be most effective throughout the day!

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