Always have minced garlic

Garlic has many health benefits!

Step 1: Buy a bag of peeled garlic (usually sold at many grocery stores)

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Step 2:  Place all the garlic and chop it (this takes about 1 minute).

Step 3:  Let it sit for 10 minutes! This is crucial.

The secret to maintaining the anti-cancer effects of garlic is to either eat it raw (think salsa, homemade dressings, pesto, etc) or crush the garlic first, wait 10 minutes, and then cook it. This allows allicin to be released. Allicin is heat and cold stable.  If you do not allow it to sit and cook it right away, you would get very little allicin; therefore not getting many of garlic’s benefits. 

Step 4:  Place it in freezer safe bags. It can last for 10-12 months and tastes so much better than any processed garlic or ground garlic you buy at the stores. 

Plastic bags with garlic paste